Add Opportunities Automatically (Lead added to Campaign)

In this article, you will learn hows to create an opportunity when a lead is added to a campaign.

Step 1

Go to "Triggers"

Step 2

Click on "New Basic Rule"

Step 3

Under "Choose a Trigger" Select "Added to Campaign"

Step 4

Click on "Add Filter"

Step 5

Under "Define filters" Select "In campaign"

Step 6

Under "Select campaign" Select Your Campaign

Step 7

Click on "+ Add action"

Step 8

Under "Choose a action" select "Add Opportunity"

Step 9

Under "Select Pipeline" select your pipeline

Step 10

Under "Select Stage" select your desired stage

Step 11

Click on "Draft" and select "Activate"

Step 12

Give your trigger a name

Note: Make sure you name your trigger something very detailed to make it easier to find.

You are now ready to start converting leads to opportunities.

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