Workflow - Eliza AI Automatic Booking Bot

Eliza AI Automatic Booking Bot

 Eliza AI Automatic Booking Bot - ai conversational booking bot live was built on top of google's dialog flow technology choosing the calendar that we want to book from the amount of time you want the bot to sort of pay attention before no longer paying attention and just the initial message you want to go out or not if you've already set one in another way

the bot action does its work and then if it's successful, it goes ahead and breaks left, if it's unsuccessful it breaks right, and then from there it's just you know if they booked it yes or no and then did it time out yes or no, now if it, if the bot did time out, was unable to book an appointment then what we're going to want to do there is we're going to want to have an appointment..
The appointment was automatically added. We are literally using ai and machine learning to conversate with people through an appointment using natural language, talk a person and we're going back and forth, This allows us to get rid of having to send out a calendar link to people if we don't want to. It really makes to help to take over that kind of flow that we wish all of our clients would do or all of our employees would do internally but it does so all using ai and it's all automatic.


  • TOTAL BOT PROCESSING DURATION (HOURS) - This is the total duration for which the bot will try to converse with the user to book the appointment, after which the bot will be timed out.
  • For the next sequential if/else you will see some more options for the bot, which will allow you to select

                1. Bot was successfully able to book an appointment

                2. Bot failed to book an appointment for any reason

                3. If it timed out while trying to book an appointment

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