Connect Zapier to Your Account

In this article, you will learn how to connect a trigger to your CRM via Zapier. 

We use the CRM's own Zap in order to connect thousands of apps to your account.

What you will need:

1. A Zapier Account
2. Your API Key

Things to Consider:

1. There are many ways to connect your account to another app via Zapier. This is just one way that primarily focuses on connecting your account to Zapier for the first time.

Step 1

Find your API key by going to Settings > Company. 

Note: For security purposes, we have hidden most of the API key in these images.

Step 2

Once you setup your trigger, select your CRM App action. Click Continue.

Step 3

Click on "Sign in to your CRM"

Step 4

Paste in your API key. Click "Yes, Continue".

Step 5

Click on Continue.

Step 6

Fill out your action and click "Continue".

Step 7

Test your trigger and action if desired.

Step 8

Your Zap is Ready! Click on Turn Zap On once you are ready.

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