How to use Zapier Paths to Split Leads

In this article, you learn how to split leads into different campaigns using Zapier and Paths.


You own a gym with four different locations that are very close together. Instead of using four different funnels, you only use one with the option to select from one of the four locations. You will need to separate these leads into different campaigns based on which location the lead chose.

What you will need:

1. Zapier

Things to Consider:

1. Just like anything else, there are many ways to do the same thing. This is one example of how to use Paths in Zapier.
2. This is for 3rd party funnel software that is compatible with Zapier.

Step 1

Once you setup your trigger, select Paths and create the four locations

Step 2

Name the Path. In this example, it was named per location.

Step 3

Set the Path rules. In this example, we set the text input name to the location.

Step 4

Setup the Path action. In this example, the information from the form submitted is added to a specific campaign.

Step 5

Continue, Test if desired, and Activate your Zap.

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