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When exploring Workflow Triggers, you'll find a category titled Contact. This particular category consists of an array of triggers related to managing and engaging with contacts. These diverse triggers facilitate better organization and interaction with your contacts, ensuring timely responses and more personalized communication, ultimately improving relationship management and fostering business growth.

Birthday Reminder

The birthday reminder trigger operates on a customer's birthday, activating a birthday reminder for the specified customer or team member. Utilize this workflow trigger to send out an SMS or email before or on a customer’s birthday.


Contact Changed

The Contact Changed trigger initiates when contact information is updated, specifically for changes in Tags, Assigned Users, DND (Do Not Disturb), and Custom Fields.


Contact Created

The Contact Created trigger enables the workflow to activate when a new contact is created, allowing customization through filters such as tags or custom field data.


Contact DND

The Contact DND trigger comes into play when a contact's DND flag is altered. DND, short for Do Not Disturb, is a feature that customers use to opt-out of services they no longer wish to receive. DND can be toggled on or off for various channels like emails, phone calls, SMS messages, GMB, and Facebook Messages, based on the contact's preferences.



Contact Tag

The Contact Tag workflow initiates when a customer is added or removed from a tag within the CRM system. Tags play a crucial role in organizing customer information and tracking which customers require follow-up. This feature also enables you to transfer customers between lists or steps based on activities or actions associated with them.


Custom Date Reminder

The Custom Date Reminder trigger activates the workflow on a predetermined date you have set up, making it ideal for sending account review reminders or appointment notifications prior to meetings or events.


Note Added

The Note Added trigger initiates the workflow when a note is added to a contact. Use this workflow trigger to alert a team member when a note is added to a contact for them to take further action as needed.


Note Changed

The Note Changed trigger activates a workflow when a note within a contact is modified. You can use this workflow trigger to notify team members of updates to a contact when necessary.


Task Added

The Task Added trigger comes into play when one or more actions must be executed after creating a task in the system, and additional filters can be incorporated based on the task's requirements.


Task Reminder

The Task Reminder workflow trigger enables you to activate a workflow based on a previously created task in your CRM. This functionality assists in generating task reminders tailored to your work's nature.


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