Products Access Removed

Products Access Removed

This runs when access to a product is removed.

The Product Access Removed trigger initiates a workflow when a customer's access to a specific product has been revoked.

To enable this trigger, users are advised to click on the Add New Workflow Trigger button and choose the Product Access Removed option from the available choices.

By employing this trigger, businesses can efficiently manage and monitor customer access to products, ensuring that only authorized customers can utilize the products while maintaining control over the access process.



Select Product

Further customization can be made by adding filters and selecting Product from the dropdown menu, followed by selecting the appropriate product from the second dropdown menu.

Once all filters have been selected, users can save the trigger by clicking on the green Save Trigger button located at the bottom right corner.

This trigger enables businesses to automate the process of sending follow-ups after access to their products has been removed from a customer, which improves customer experience and streamlines operations.


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