Media Library Overview

Here you can manage the media files in your CRM.

Navigate to your CRM's Media tab for comprehensive management of all your media files. You can locate this tab within the Sites section, and by selecting it, you will be directed to the corresponding subsection in the Settings area. This dedicated space offers a streamlined approach to organizing, accessing, and managing your media assets, ensuring that you can efficiently incorporate them into your website or content for a visually engaging and interactive user experience.

Opening Media Library

This will take you to the Media Library of your CRM.

Upon navigating to the Media Section, click on the 'Open Media Library' button to access your CRM's extensive collection of media files. This feature allows you to conveniently browse through your stored assets, making it simple to locate and manage various media types such as images and videos.

Media Library Home

Maintain a well-structured and organized repository for all your content, ensuring that it consistently exudes a professional and polished appearance. 

Searching Media

Effortlessly locate a specific file within your Media Library by simply entering the relevant keywords or file name into the search box provided. This convenient feature allows you to quickly find the desired file among your stored media, saving time and enhancing your productivity.

All Media Categories

You can access additional media options through the drop down menu at the top of the page to view All, My Media, Backgrounds, Unsplash, and Pixabay. Keep track of all media uploaded into your CRM in one spot, making media management easier than ever!

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