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Access and Organize media files of your CRM.

Are you looking for the media files associated with your CRM? Look no further – use our Media Library to access whichever files you need! Here you will find all previously uploaded media files where you can manage your media library and even keep it organized with folders.


With the handy search tab, you can quickly find any media file in your CRM with ease. Locate images, audio clips, or video files with just a few clicks – it's never been easier to organize and store all of your CRM's materials!

Creating Folder

The Create Folder button gives you a convenient way to organize your content.

Naming New Folder

Just by clicking the Create Folder button, a window containing a field where you can enter the name of your new folder will appear. You can give this brand new folder whatever name makes the most sense to you, providing an easy way to help manage your Media Library.

Uploading File

The green Upload File button provides you with the capability to choose multimedia files from your computer and store them in the system. When this button is clicked, a new window also opens, giving you full access to your own computer's storage space. In order for files that are saved elsewhere to be successfully uploaded into the system, simply find them within this window and click to select them one by one. After completing this easy process, you will see the files in your media library.


With the dropdown option, you can rearrange how they appear in your library. Select whether items are displayed based upon their "Name" or based on when they were "Last Modified".


Looking at your media library, you will see a list of folders you have created at the top.


Files that are not included in folders will be seen below the folders

Managing Individual Files and Folders

There are couple of things you can do with the images you see in the Media Library. Just hit right click and there you will see different options for you to organize individual files.

Renaming a Folder

Just right click on the folder that you want to Rename and you will see the option as shown in the screenshot below.

Deleting a Folder

Lets you Delete the selected folder from your media library.


Get Link for a file

Get Link option will allow you to get the unique link for each image for you to be able to use it in your funnel or a website project. Once you click on "Get Link", your system will copy the unique link to the clipboard that you can paste wherever it is meant to be used.

Move to Folder

Quickly move the selected file to the different location or a specific folder from the Media Library.


You can Rename your file by selecting the Rename option as shown below.


You can delete a file by selecting the Delete option as shown below.

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